Re: Relationship Taxonomy Questions

[Terry Allen:]

| And in response to Jon's clear statement, I certainly don't want to 
| forbid him from taking this approach, and there is nothing in XML 1.0
| to prevent him from using it, but I don't want to be *required* to use it.
| Put another way, I need to be able to bind link behavior to my document,
| and I want to be able to describe relationships  that do not map
| to behaviors.

I think that we're in complete agreement on this part.

When I send you XML data ("you" being a human, a browser application,
or a nonbrowser application), I want to be able to:

1. Specify the behavior without telling you what I mean, or

2. Say what I mean and let you figure out what to do with it, or

3. Specify the behavior and tell you what I mean, but require that you
follow the specified behavior regardless of what you think about it,

4. Specify the behavior and tell you what I mean and let you make up
your own mind about whether to follow the specified behavior.

As the content provider, I want all of these options.

Note that what I have just said applies to both the linking and the
non-linking parts of the document and for the same reasons.