Re: Relationship Taxonomy Questions

Paul Prescod writes:

   If I want to willingly override your "link behaviour specification"
   to make your document not behave or look right, how is that any
   different than doing the same in a stylesheet? What if I define a
   stylesheet that displays "IMPORTANT-NOTICES" in 0 point font. The
   effect is the same. Your text is lost, it is my "behaviour
   specification" (stylesheet's) fault.

Same as buying a chainsaw and throwing away the instruction book, then
claiming you didn't know it was dangerous to try to hold the blade
while it was running.

   I think you have convinced me that we should predefine a "Legal"
   link type (or link type attribute??) that says that the legal
   meaning of this document changes if the link is not followed. That

Ping. Get-Rich-Quick scam #97. Your lawyer has been notified :-)
I like the concept but the terminology frightens me.