Re: Relationship Taxonomy Questions

At 8:26 AM 1/23/97, Terry Allen wrote:
>What you were saying is that you want to specify a set of relationship
>labels.  I think the taxomony of relationships is orthogonal to the
>mechanism for using them, and competition among different taxonomies
>should be encouraged, hence XML itself should not specify a

Finally Terry has said something sensible on this topic. (Since Terry
usually is sensible, this is less a surprise than the argument about link

Defining link types is as hard as defining a universal DTD. A lot of danger
there. I'd rather stay out of it. didn't Murray Maloney's list get up to 40
types or more? I think Randy Trigg's thesis had 150 or so, but I don't have
it available to check.

On the other hand, a non-binding annex of useful names for common links
might actually help people to understand (and thus use) link types.

>You have not given a single example of a label you want to specify.
>Please do so.

I'm thinking something like maybe:
   quote-external work

That list may already be too long, but as a list of suggestions it might be
useful, and not as perniciously processing oriented as Len's "gosub".

  -- David

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