Re: Multi-headed indirect links

> How can I say I want this bit of the text linked to the same points that
> that bit of text in this document and that bit of text in that document
> point to?

A bit of text doesn't point anywhere.

There may be a piece of separately stored information that says that
there is a link between that bit of text and my left ankle (say), in
which case that information may be termed a link, and you can say that
you want to make a new thre-ended link that shares both ends of the
other link.  I'm not sure how to create markup for that in a way that
can be easily understood and explained, but, if that is deemed an
essential requirement of an XML hypertext system, no doubt Eliot and/or
Tim's proposal will show how to do it.

If that bit of text is actually marked up- as one end of a link, you
can point to the same place that it does if you like using a TEI extended
pointer, if such things be supported.