Re: proposal process

Jon Bosak wrote:
> [David Durand:]
> |    If the ERB propagates it working decisions in the form of a
> | complete preliminary proposal before we have a directed
> | design-decision by design-decision discussion, I predict that the
> | final result will be strongly determined by the initial proposal. This
> | may be good or bad, but it is likely to happen.
> Let's review.

Let's stick to the subject.  Announce to the list when a 
proposal is adopted as a core for a draft.  Point to 
web page where that draft or proposal can be found.
That will do more to keep us orderly than cryptic 
MPRDV, chap2 or anything else.

Free wheeling is discussion is good, needed and productive.
ERB decisions to adopt proposals as drafts without 
informing the list formed and requested to discuss 
them simply leaves us hanging.   Do that and we 
won't make wrong assumptions, and we won't have to repeat 
this discussion.

Len Bullard