Re: Multi-headed indirect links

At 12:43 21/1/97 -0500, David G. Durand wrote:
>I wanted to be quiet, but this is a gross misrepresentation of the state of

A very deliberate one:-)

>The claim is that you have a syntax (entity references) that will
>give you the indirection that you want. While it's not elegant (it's
>actually kinda yucky), 

To see how yucky try applying it to the four or five cases I asked about
specifically - the bit of my message everyone is careful to ignore.

>You have not presented anything that you can do with
>one syntax that you cannot do with the other.

Thats the difference between being elegant and being yucky - the same effect
of keeping off the sun can be acheived with silk or rags:-)

>The issue of the locsrc is a different one, but if we can include an
>equivalent of the "BASE" attribute (and I think we should), then we can do
>the entitized equivalent of locsrc without the additional implementation
>overhead of locsrc.

I have pointed out in other messages that BASE fails for multiheaded links.
Show me how to use this idea with the examples I quoted. 

Incidentally why are the entitized equivalents of locsrce so much easier to
implement than pointing to a separate element with an ID?
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