Re: Permitting non-indirect links

I had said:
> >Leave opaque strings as opaque.

Martin replied:
> Then XML will offer existing HTML users no better mechanism for link
> management than their already non-existent facilities. Why on earth should
> they change?

I don't see any reasoning here :-)

Counterexample; SoftQuad Panorama treats all system identifiers as URLS,
with an implied scheme where necessary.  But it also supports some HyTime
link features, and multiple ways of achieving link indirection.

Just because two cars use the same tyres doesn't mean that ther new one
can't go faster than the old one.

You are free to use entities if you like in XML:
	<connection other-end="http://&myserver;/&mydocroot;/doc12.xml">

This is already more powerful than HTML.