Re: Permitting non-indirect links

At 09:28 PM 1/17/97 +0000, Martin Bryan wrote:

>(Eliot: Having written this I came across the new rflocsrc attribute, which
>means that I may be able to do this and be HyTime compliant after all!
>Brilliant! Am I right in thinking that rflocsrc can be made to stack so that
>it handles the chain given above where URL-fragment references URL-file
>which references URL-path which references URL-DNS. It would really be cool
>if the URL-file name was the content of the element using the #CONTENT
>option you have allowed for!!)

That's the idea. But don't get too excited--it's only a proposed design and
hasn't been approved yet (but I think it's a good idea, at least without
having had time to think about the possible implications).


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