Re: Permitting non-indirect links

Eliot wrote:

>Another way to represent this chain in the HyTime world would be to use
>Formal System Identifiers to build the location chain (which would probably
>please Martin "Mr. Entity" Bryan more):
><!DOCTYPE MyDoc [
><!ENTITY host1  SYSTEM "<url>http://www.somewhere.com" >
><!ENTITY chain2 SYSTEM "<url soibase=host1>/oii/en" >
><!ENTITY chain1 SYSTEM "<url soibase=chain2>alpha.html" >
><urlloc id=url-chain locsrc=chain1 url="#x">

What, me want entities? If I could get away without having to use the
entities I would. What I want is reusable IDs to the container parts you
correctly identify.
My only reservation was that I was not seeing host1 and chain2 as being
valid HyTime. If you say they are I am as happy as a sandboy - (whatever
that may be):-}

>Where the "SOIbase" attribute points to the entity whose on system ID is to
>be prepended to yours.  Thus, the effective URL of the chain is
>Comes to the same thing and the semantics of URL interpretation are the
>same, but some might prefer to use entities for this rather than location
>addresses (for example, because they can put the SYSTEM IDs in catalogs).

For those that don't want to use entities is there any way we can do this by
stringing together attribute values?

(Incidentally Eliot, this was exactly the point I was talking about that
resulted in your private message asking me to explain the need.)
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