Re: back to XML: The "You Babe" problem

pbg@arbortext.com (Paul Grosso) wrote:
> But entities do not do case folding with the RCS, so this is not
> relevant.  The huge majority of standard entities are lowercase,
> and lowercase doesn't require using the shift key.  

On the other hand, we have to worry about conflicting with existing
entity names.  &u-grave; &u-bar; and &u-acute; can't be taken for hex
numbers, I suppose, but I'd still be happier with &U-DEAF; instead.

Something like &#0xDeaf; is even better, although this can't be
represented in SGML today.  � might actually work better for
backward compatibility, I'm not sure.  &-xml-utf-babe; would work,
and would follow the XML philosophy on namespace, but is slightly
more verbose!