Re: questions on XML sgml decl's charsets

[C. M. Sperberg-McQueen:]

| Actually, two declarations were prepared, one which referred to 10646
| and defined a wide character set using ERCS syntax (or so I understand
| -- haven't seen it, myself), and another one which referred to ISO
| 646.  The text originally contained the 10646 declaration, but during
| final preparation it became clear that the *other* declaration had to
| be used in processing. Between the declaration that worked, and
| another that did not work, there seemed to be no seriously debatable
| choice, and so the 646 declaration was inserted.  What was overlooked
| in the heat of the moment (this was getting on toward the absolute
| deadline) was that the machine in question was an ASCII machine, not a
| Unicode machine; of course the 646 declaration was required for
| processing.  But the canonical SGML declaration should use Unicode.

In other words, I got confused at 5 in the morning when I couldn't get
Jade to produce the final RTF on a Win95 machine and I put in the
wrong declaration because that's the one that worked.  (In case anyone
was thinking that this was Michael or Tim's fault.)