Re: Ephemeral XML?

Ralph Ferris wrote:
> Pre-defined interfaces with over-rideable methods are what make component
> software work. Call these "component DTDs."

Or call them virtual interfaces, or IDLs, or whatever.  This issue 
has been raised several times on the list.  In MID, we set up the 
xeno element types.  For XML, we could use arc forms.  


o  Should XML spec an API?  

o  Should we adopt the object/embed conventions?  

o  OLE/COM or Corba?  Kick all anyone cares to, but 
   OLE/COM works very nicely in VB4.  An Active-X 
   control is wonderful thing.  It would be reasonable  
   work to use the VB tree control to do the
   sorts of things P. Murray-Rust is doing for CML/XML.

We seem to be dancing around this issue:  no helm control, mr sulu.  
When will draft proposals for the hyperlinking of XML be available?  
All I have seen so far is Eliot's proposal.

len bullard