Re: Radical cure for BOS confusion

lee@sq.com wrote:

> Frankly I think all this stuff is far too complicated anyway.
> Tim Berners-Lee made a simpler system, and many more people adopted it.

Yes, but that gets us nowhere.  If everyone adopts horses tomorrow, 
are you going to give up your car?

We need link databases.  Some of the things we must do with 
industrial documents don't work well without them. Ilinks were
made to work in Sperry Rand databases decades ago.  What Tim 
did was understood long before Tim did it.  It gets us nothing 
but what we have:  hard to manage spaghetti.  If that is 
what the "many more" want, they have it now.  Onward and 
yes, upward.  BTW, most of us have link databases now.
We hide them in compiled files and use various tricks 
of the operating system to pair them with our documents, 
eg., filename extension hacks.