Re: Can we be more concrete?

At 05:35 PM 01/08/97 -0800, Derek Denny-Brown wrote:
>HyTime considers links and locators to be seperate constructs.  

this is only *sometimes* true in HyTime, because <clink linkend=chatper37>
is a perfectly valid hytime link and locator in one (though, technically,
the term 'locator' is not used in HyTime -- only 'location address element').

>...locators are
>pass-through in that if you point at it, you are effectively pointing at
>what it points at (ad infinitum).  hyperlinks are normal SGML elements in
>terms of pointing at them.  If you point at a link you are pointing at the
>element which defines that link.  (whether the element "knows" it is the
>definition of a link is another question....)

again, mostly but not *quite* true: they are only pass-throughs (by which i
take you to mean indirect) if you don't say otherwise. if you set reflevel=1
you don't get indirection, just as is true for the analogous TEI construct.
As soon as you introduce a notion of indirection at all, it ends up
necessary to provide a way to bound it.