Re: Radical cure for BOS confusion (2 ccs' to Jon's address deleted)

Jon Bosak wrote to Durand:
> You are one of several people who have told me that implementing
> "ilinks anywhere" is no more difficult than putting them in organized
> collections.  This is not what I would have expected, but if that's
> the case, then I have to concede a key reason for making that
> simplification.

This is a statement wanting a proof or explanation.
I don't dispute it, but we need the rationale.
XML DTD designers can choose to aggregate links if they 

A database for ilinks is how we use them in most systems.
What that database is, is up for grabs and probably 
shouldn't be deeply detailed or we will be adopting 
an implementation, not a standard.  I am not concerned 
that we might break existing processors since none exist.

len bullard