Re: List configuration (2 more CC's deleted)

At 7:43 PM 1/8/97, Jon Bosak wrote:
>I heartily agree that it's annoying to deal with duplicate posts,
>especially after repeated requests from various quarters asking people
>to stop replying directly to the person making the post.

And especially when the technology exists to remove the headache. This is
not a publicly accessible list -- and we could surely adapt to working to
get private replies, as far as I can tell.

> I find that
>it takes me less than ten seconds to readdress my reply to the list
>and put the name of the person I'm responding to at the top of my
It takes me probably less time to perform the action, when I remember it.
But I usually forget, so I have to try to remember, and then remember to
check my out box again before I tell Eudora to transmit the mail, and then
I still forget sometimes.

I also find that it just annoys me a lot to have to delete the extra posts,
which no doubt contributes to my overall level of spleen.

> Are we all such quick thinkers that an extra ten seconds to
>address a message properly really takes away from the time we have to
>compose the message itself?

It's just another "flow" disruptor. Like meta-discussions, actually.

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