Re: XML-Link

digitome@iol.ie (Digitome Ltd.) wrote:

> Finally, at the risk of being branded a blasphemer, I think that
> <?XML-LINK ALink FigRef,XRef>
> needs to be comprehensively shown to be silly before I can get it out of
> my head:-)

No cries of "heresy!" from me; I think that using PIs to
control or at least enable architectural processing is a
very good idea.  The only alternatives I can think of
are (a) #FIXED attributes (requiring XML UAs to retrieve
and parse the DTD in cases where they wouldn't otherwise
need to); (b) prefixing every predefined element type
and attribute name with "XML-" (gaaah!) or (c) stomp
mercilessly on the authors' namespace with every new
revision of the spec.

--Joe English