Re: XML-Link

[Sean Mc Grath]
>>If mapping Alink to the FigRef element type and/or activating different
>>link sets requires non-validating XML browsers to parse DTDs as well I think
>>we can push back the Beta dates that much further...

[Eliot Kimber]
>But it doesn't--the mapping can always be in the instance (possibly on
>first occurrence of the mapped element types as discussed earlier).

Okay, now I get it (I think)!. If I want my doc to be useful to DTD aware and
non-DTD are XML browsers I can do this:-

<!-- First occurrence of figref element
<figref -XML-LINK="ALink">
<!-- Subsequent occurence of figref -->
blah blah

DTD-aware XML tools can ensure that the -XML-LINK attribute matches its
#fixed value in the DTD. Non-DTD-Aware XML tools can pick it up on the 
first occurence and can infer it for subseqent figrefs. Right?

Sean Mc Grath