Re: Problems with WD-xml-961114 (productions)

On Mon, 30 Dec 1996 18:14:03 +0100 Norbert Mikula pointed out several
typos in the productions of the XML spec.  Tim Bray and I will fold
corrections for these and other errors into the spec as soon as we
can; in the meantime, I will just confirm that as far as I can tell,
all the points raised by Norbert Mikula seem valid.  Tentative
corrections follow (all subject to further refinement):

  10 MiscName ::= '-' | '.' | Ignorable | Extender
  56 Default ::= '#REQUIRED' | '#IMPLIED'
               | (('#FIXED' S?)? QuotedCData)
  59 csdata  ::= internalsubset*

Many thanks for the error reports.  If others have spotted other
typographic errors, please let us know.  And good luck on those

-C. M. Sperberg-McQueen