Re:Link Indirection

At 16:12 5/1/97 -0900, W. Eliot Kimber wrote:

>It would be simple enough to say something like "lacking a DTD, XML
>processors shall associate the first specification of an -xml-arctype
>attribute encountered in a document to all elements of the same type that
>do not exhibit an -xml-arctype attribute." (Where "-xml-archtype" is
>whatever attribute we choose for naming XML-defined architectural element

I didn't think XML supported #CURRENT!

Incidentally I finally woke up to why the idea of having urllocs in separate
files gives me headaches:

1) We have yet to say how I identify which set(s) of urls I want associated
with a particular file (hopefully I can list more than one such file)

2) If I want any of the files listed in the urlloc to be in the
applications' BOS or catalog I still have to convert them to entity
references as unless we have a special type of BOS/catalog for XML such
references won't be exportable into these environments.
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