Announcing Lark, an XML Processor

The abstract says:

 Lark is a non-validating XML processor implemented in the Java language; it 
 attempts to achieve good trade-offs among compactness, completeness, and 
 performance. This report gives an overview of the motivations for, facilities 
 offered by, and usage of, the Lark processor.

 This document and the Lark software are copyright  1997 by Tim Bray. All 
 rights reserved. However, Lark is available on the Internet for general 
 public use.

Get it at:


But wait, there's more!  Private communications lead me to expect the release
of another XML processor, to be named NXP, also in Java, within days.

Cheers, Tim Bray
tbray@textuality.com http://www.textuality.com/ +1-604-488-1167