Re: Link Indirection

> After the promised land is reached, and all XML browsers support DTDs this will
> result in a "legacy XML" situation where Hypertext etc. has been hard-wired
> via attributes and thus that much more difficult to maintain :-((("
> Is this the case?
> If so, the only way of circumventing this that I can see is getting the
> browser and
> the server to hand-shake to agree on the browsers capabilities.
> DTD-Challenged XML Client gets a "SPAMmed" version of the XML document.
> DTD-Aware XML CLient gets Instance + DTD.

My experience is that browsers change more often than servers. Depending on
server-side features is probably not feasible in the short term. While I
would gladly install the latest and greatest browser just because it gave
me access to some XML files, most system adminstrators would not install
a new Web server so easily. They are a little more flexible with
CGI, but even getting a new CGI widely installed would be a challenge.

Anyhow, your requirements do not seem to have anything to do with client-server
negotiation. Why not SPAM the document *once* and serve it to everybody,
DTD aware or not? That leaves the author in control instead of the web
server/system administrator.

 Paul Prescod