Re: Link indirection

   attributes (and visa versa), so you can easily have this form of URLLoc:

Ha! I didn't realise it was that easy. Thanks, I need to revise a few
opinions here :-)

   HyTime uses element content by default for things that might naturally be
   attribute values for two reasons:

   1. To avoid syntactic limitations on attribute values (length, primarily, 
      which I suppose isn't a problem with XML with effectively unbounded
   2. To allow subelements (for example, dimspec, dimref, and markfun elements
      in extent specifications, which are nominally lists of integers).

I'd grasped the second but not the first (trust me to find the easier
one harder). I now see why the first one makes putting EPN into
content so much more attractive.

   HyTime uses the concept of "resources" to categorize those element types
   that are only used by reference (and therefore, whose content, if any,
   would not normally be displayed, certainly not at the location it occurred
   in the source).

That's the very problem...I would not expect all browsers to adhere to
HyTime, whether it is prescribed/recommended/whatever in the XML spec
or not; and in any event, our discussion seems to turn on the precise
aspect of this which causes the difficulty -- what to do with DTD-less