New members; archives updated

Having been duly certified to me to be SGML experts, the following
persons have been added to the W3C SGML Working Group:

   Joakim Ístman, Citec                 jos@citec.fi
   Derek Denny-Brown, CRI                  ddb@criinc.com
   Tom Borgman, Interleaf                  tborgman@tomb.hq.ileaf.com
   Karl Best, Adobe                        kbest@adobe.com
   Lori A. DeFurio, Adobe                  ldefurio@adobe.com
   Peter Flynn, University College, Cork   pflynn@curia.ucc.ie
   Barbara Beeton, Amer. Math. Soc.        bnb@math.ams.org
   Russ Young, Folio                       ryoung@folio.com
   Satwinder Mangat, Novell                smangat@novell.com
   Sean Mc Grath, Digitome                 digitome@iol.ie
   Pim van der Eijk, SGML consultant       pvde@nedernet.nl

I have put the WG mail for the month of December out on
sunsite.unc.edu in files named 9612a and 9612b:


You can also use HTTP to retrieve these.

As usual, I cannot guarantee that I received everything sent to the
list, but these files contain everything that I did receive.  The W3C
archive for this group is publicly visible, so you are free to share
these with anyone who might be interested in our transactions.