Re: URLs/MIME only?

>The only problem with this approach is the same one HyTime and DSSSL faced:
>what objects make up the nodes of the tree you're addressing.  We currently
>have three different tree views of SGML documents in established specs:
>1. DSSSL default grove plan: characters and elements are children of elements
>2. HyTime default grove plan: pelements and elements are children of elements
>3. TEI implicit grove plan: elements only are children of elements
>Nothing in the first URL shown above indicates which of these three tree
>views are to be used.  You would either need a way to indicate the grove
>plan or require the use of a single grove plan, which would somewhat limit
>the utility of the scheme, but maybe not fatally.

In the very early versions of DynaWeb, I included support for these types
of URL (and in fact, we also supported combinations of
typed/untyped). I used (2) from the above list, and it seemed a
reasonable choice.