Re: Can we be more concrete?

At 10:37 AM 12/30/96 -0600, len bullard wrote:

>of name to pixel coordinates.  What the calling document passes is 
>the name, perhaps the handler name, and a command string telling 
>the handler to open up at the image zoomed to that region.
>Right now, to do this sort of thing, we keep two different sets of 
>independent links (e.g, structs).  One for the image handler's 
>view of a document set; one for the SGML handler's document set.
>What we need is for these to be one set.

In the HyTime model, these would be location addresses, not links.  I'm not
sure I understand the point of your comment: I thought my proposal was
sufficient (not that I was trying to propose a useful scheme for doing
image addressing--it was just a quick example).

Certainly the image map could be another document, e.g.:

<!DOCTYPE ImageMap SYSTEM "imagemap.dtd" [
 <!ENTITY image SYSTEM "http://www.ti.com/parts/images/foo.gif" NDATA GIF >
<image image=image>
 <area id=area1 ...>

If I understand you correctly, the "name" in your discussion would be the
ID of the areas in the image map document.



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