Problems with WD-xml-961114 (productions)

I am working on an XML parser in Java. During this effort
I came across a few productions that I couldn't really
ad 56: 
Default := '#REQUIRED'  | '#IMPLIED' | ('#FIXED'? QuotedCData)
shouldn't it read like
Default := '#REQUIRED'  | '#IMPLIED' | ('#FIXED'? S QuotedCData)
The "S" is not really needed for the parsing but I think it should
be there the enhance readability. 

ad 59:
csdata := (internalsubset)
shouldn't it read like
csdata := (internalsubset)*
ad example on page 19
unless "-" is a member of extender or ignorable; I have to
admit that I didn't check; the example
doesn't really make sense to me.
I hope I didn't miss postings to w3c-sgml-wg that had to
do with the same problems and are already solved.
(I apologize for questions are obviously of stupied nature) 

Thanx for clarification .....
PS: I am refering to WD-xml-961114 which was handed around
at SGML '96. For some reason the online version, 
http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/TR/WD-xml-961114.html doesn't seem to 
be consistent with that one (although it has the same date-stamp)
http://www.textuality.com/sgml-erb/WD-xml.html seems to be. 
Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

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