Re: Anchors Aweigh

Len writes:

>> I never said I saw a set of IDL interfaces as being a the desired
>> output from this WG, and ideed, even quired whether it was in our
>> charter to do anything about semantic definition.
>I will be interested to see if we can avoid it forever.
>A <a href= has a behavior (goto).  A target= is behavior (get/put).
>No stylesheet is involved.  An <embed is a behavior, etc.
>Agreed these are a particular application's behavior, but 
>they are the common things done with links and what any 
>Web user will expect to do with XML links.

This is actually a very important point, and one that you repeat a
number of times in various forms. 

My personal view is that a link definition is just the same as any
other data until interpreted, and that we can separate definition and
definition of interpretation.

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