Re: Anchors Aweigh

>> Actually, this would be a *very* interesting approach to the
>> problem. We could model the entire web in IDL. Great for compatibiliy
>> (objects addressable as CORBA objects seems like a real win to me).
>True, but there is also the Active X model.  MS or no, it is clear 
>that a stripped down COM model has a lot to offer and has a lot of 
>support both in existing objects and in knowledgeable users.

COM doesn't scale well to distributed systems. CORBA/OpenDoc is a
better model. 

>What I would like to see from the object-designers on the list is a
>rational comparison of XML hyperlinking goals and how these 
>fit inside Active-X or Corba, what is apples/oranges, etc.  It 
>is likely I am conflating layers here.

I don't think so. In many ways, defining links as objects is a good
way to start, because then you can work back to the representation
required at the protocol and definition ends of the system.

>What I was aiming at was the link semantics of the XML handler.
>We more or less know what the current crop of desktops are doing
>and we have listed those.  

Sure, this is a good *starting* point.