Re: anchor awareness (was Re: Richer & richer semantics?)

>>On the other hand, if (as in HTML) we say that all linking is
>>unidirectional and all links have two ends, the starting end of which
>>is where the link is, XML does not offer any functional improvement,
>>in hyper terms, over HTML.
>Can we not have multiway ilink-style thingies and perhaps even a
>modest amount of locaddr and so on, without getting into major
>paradigm re-engineering?

Point is that you can already do multi-ended links, and many other
things, using clever servers: no special markup is needed, just
special URL forms (in the area that is supposed to be opaque).

It seems obvious to me, but if we really *are* going to specify some
improved linking capabilities, we are going to end up specifying
processing at almost every level of the WWW (markup, protocols, client
& server).