Re: Trying to sum up a bit

At 5:17 PM 12/17/96, Paul Prescod wrote:
>At 01:55 PM 12/17/96 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>>Yes, there is the technique Charles thought up.  But WG8 may choose to
>>recognize this as a behavior that it would be well to bless in a TC,
>>eliminating the need.
>Huh? I thought that Charles' trick was a way of mapping RS/RE to SEPCHAR,
>not of handling whitespace in element content. Now I'm totally confused. Are
>you saying that proposal 3 is that we should map all of the characters out
>of the set of SEPCHARs? How does this break HyTime then?
Yes, and that makes RE after elements significant in _all_ mixed content,
and insignificant outside it.

>Or is proposal 3 "when parsing without a DTD treat all whitespace as
>significant" and live with the fact that the parse tree is SGML
>incompatible. That doesn't break HyTime, but it throws away any kind of
>whitespace pretty printing.


But -- it is compatible for mixed content (via Charles' hack). Not for
element content, but that compatiblity is impossible since element content
cannot be distinguished from mixed content without a DTD, in any case.  And
yes, it does throw out pretty-printing (or require some explicit
notification from the user as to the presence of such pretty-printing.

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