Re: RS/RE, again (sorry)

[Chris Maden, summarizing a number of replies to my question:]

| TEI and, I believe, HyQ, use sibling relationships for addressing;
| e.g., start at the element whose SGML ID is "foo" and traverse three
| nodes to the right.
| If DTD-less parsing creates spurious CDATA nodes, then the target of
| an address can be different from that for a DTD-ful parse.

What this seems to add up to is that treeloc uses a different way of
thinking about what a sibling is than I do.  Frankly, I like my way
better.  I can see where defining pseudo-elements as nodes could be
useful in addressing arbitrary spans of text, but if the price for
resolving our problem is that the only elements that I can address in
XML are the real ones, then that is a price I would be willing to pay.