Re: Mixed vs. element content (Was Re: RS/RE, again (sorry))

>>I wonder how HyTime can break when used with XML when there is no
>>current practise in the field? Same for DSSSL, or whatever other
>>processor you have.
>Since XML is SGML (theoretically) we do have current practise.

If you can define "SGML", I might agree with you. Fact is, that SGML
is a large number of incompatible languages anyway.

If you can define "SGML", then please look to see if XML is "SGML" as
you define it.

>SGML systems can be updated. It is better that they be updated to support
>optional SGML features than proprietary W3C-XML features.

The point is that we are only using SGML features...

>>Why can't you have the preprocessor perform whitespace normalisation
>as well? 
>Because SGML has the whitespace handling behaviour that we want (other than

Really? Even in the face of *all* the tricks one could pull with an
SGML declaration?