Re: RS/RE, again (sorry)

At 09:06 PM 12/17/96 -0500, Gavin Nicol wrote:
>that having all whitespace be significant still seems a reasonable way to

Can you please describe *exactly* what that means? At some points in this
discussion it seems to mean that whitespace is treated *exactly* like data
content (say "foo") with regards to validating XML parsers. So this:


is going to trigger an error (if LIST allows only items, no #PCDATA) just as
surely as this:


At other points, there has been discussion of having a DTD-reading "filter"
remove the whitespace. Which seems to imply that the former would be *valid*
as long as the filter is applied before the validation takes place. In this
case, the grove which is being validated is different from the grove that a
DTD-less parser would use.

What exactly do you mean by "all whitespace significant?" The former or the
latter or something else?

 Paul Prescod