Re: Blended Proposal

[Paul Prescod]

> <ULIST>{
>     <UITEM><P>Foo</P></UITEM>
>     <UITEM><P>Bar</P></UITEM>
>     <UITEM><P>Baz</P></UITEM>
> }</ULIST>

[Chris Maden]

> I don't think this can be made valid SGML.  It appears to require to
> tag closing sequences and two tag end-tag opening sequences.  With
> NET already used, only TAGC is left for closing a tag, and it can
> only be defined as one thing.  The only end-tag opener is ETAGO, so
> that's not doable either.

[Paul Prescod]

> I we have to do is make the "{" disappear. If it can't be done by
> making it part of the end tag, it could be done by changing the
> string to "{{" and making it a short reference that maps to
> whitespace (or perhaps to a PI that the application can use to
> verify that the construct is being properly used).

I'll buy that.  I hate shortrefs, but it does work.

Question is, is it worth it?  Are these delimiters the best way to go?
I'm neutral on this now - what do others think?