Re: Mixed vs. element content (Was Re: RS/RE, again (sorry))

At 08:18 AM 12/17/96 -0500, Paul Prescod wrote:
>But a "complex" document in this case is any document with whitespace in
>element content. Which is to say, probably most:
>So if we go with a scheme of "required DTD downloading to handle 'complex'
>whitespace", either XML will get a "rep" as a hard to use language where you
>must type this:
>or as a language where you must basically always download the DTD.

In one of my versions of what I posted (I rewrote portions of it a number of
times as my ideas solidified), and may not have made it off my computer, I
mention that there should be some simple rules to allow from some
whitespace/RE's to be ignored.  i.e. ignoring RE's after a start tag, or the
-xml-space attribute.  I agree that we can not expect to treat all RE's as
data.   I am just worried that the proposals being brought forth will break
HyTime when applied to XML.  Given that I was actively involved with
drafting the forthcoming HyTime TC, it is important to me that HyTime is not
completely abandoned, when it need not be.  

(Not that I am wed to HyTime.  It has it's flaws by the cartload, but It
does do a number of things quite well, and I am hoping that the TC and
eliot's book will bear that out....)

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 that irregularity - that is to say, the unexpected, surprise, and astonishment,
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