Re: XML and stylesheets

   >I still
   >don't grasp why we can't make white-space removal the default for
   >mixed-content elements, and retention the default for all others

Paul Prescod replied:

   We're presuming that the input to the stylesheet engine is the output of a
   parser that doesn't have a DTD. So it must presume that all content is mixed
   content (or make guesses!).

Sorry, I missed this condition (before I arrived). If there's no DTD,
you simply throw all remaining (non-markup) bytes at the app, which
should pop up a big red flag if it wants to be nice, otherwise just
use some Microsoft/Netscape guesses about what the author must have
had in mind...

   >reminder to authors that mixed content is evil :-) ... or is that seen

   To be clear, I am using the definition of mixed content on page 320 of the
   SGML handbook, any mix of data characters, elements and "other stuff" (pis,
   comments, etc.). If that's evil, then SGML lends itself to nefarious=

I agree with you 100%...I've seen some pretty evil DTDs... :-)