RE: RS/RE, again (sorry)

At 2:58 PM 12/13/96, lee@sq.com wrote:
>I like Jean Pauli's proposal.
>(2) rather than using an attribute called -XML-SPACE, which looks odd and
>    perhaps even ugly, it would be better to have a PI that says
>    the attribute TYPE=LIT on the element SAMPLE
>    has this meaning:

Please! No more processing instructions! We've reserved some namespace for
XML, so let's use it, not multiply PIs. It's bad enough that we've got one
in the header, instead of a reasonable syntax. (Did the ERB ever discuss
the HTTP header proposal, BTW?) For a feature intended for ugly formatting
hacks, PIs are awfully popular, even among the 8879 strict constructionists
on the list.

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