Re: RS/RE, again (sorry)

>>Somehow, the element-vs.-mixed distinction needs to be made 
>>in cases where it's critical for rendering or other processing.  Where is
>>the right place to make the distinction, if there's no DTD?  Is is the
>>stylesheet?  If so, are there any technical barriers to doing this?
>I'd like to hear from people the cases that they can think of
>where the distinction is truly necessary.
>In cases where it really *is* necessary, I see no problem at all in
>having/requiring a "validation" layer that *requires* a DTD so that
>element and mixed content can be distinguished. This layer would
>validate the post-parse representation using whatever rules need be
>applied (one might be to use SGML's "normal" rules).
>I cannot see why a *parser* for an essentially trivial syntax need be
>bothered by this.
>Conceptual model:
>   input-->parser-->events/grove------------------+-->application
>                      \                          /
>                       +-->filter-->events/grove+
>where "filter" can perform some rules-driven (ie. DTD, DSSSL
>spec. etc.) transformation of the parser output.

The most obvious case is plain old rendering.  If you've just invented a
DTD on the fly that contains a list that itself can contain some list
items, and the input looks something like this:



...do you render those extra lines, or what?  In this case, validation
isn't even on the author's or renderer's mind, and yet you need to know
the distinction.


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