SDATA, again

[Michael Sperberg-McQueen:]

| The problem of characters not known to an application is a real and
| serious one.  I'd like to see some discussion of how to solve it,
| rather than further special pleading for SDATA, which seems to me to
| be a band-aid for the problem, not a solution to it.  We need a real
| solution, not a band-aid, and I am not convinced that SDATA is even a
| part of a real solution.

Agreed, but I hasten to point out that this W3C working group is not
the place to develop such a solution.  People who are serious about
helping to fix this are urged to join the appropriate working group
within their national standards body, which in the U.S. is ANSI X3V1.
I'm sure that your participation would be happily accepted.