Re: SDATA, again

>  - the syntax of said strings, and the manner of their implementation, is 
>   wildly different from vendor to vendor and from app to app, and 

SGML OPEN members may already know that I have started a working group
to discuss coming up with a standardised syntax; however, it is very
unlikely to come to anything in time for XML 2.0.

> So we [nearly unanimously, as I recall] decided to leave this problem
> unsolved in V1.0.  Sorry.

I think this isn't bad -- if the SGML Open syntax ends up being practical
and satisfactory, it can be adoppted then.  In the meantime, you can use
a pair of entities as follows:
<!Entity ograced "&#90124;&#1021;">
<!Entity ograced.desc "Greek letter omega with cedilla mark">

(note that XML doesn't allow comments in the entity definition itself,
as is done in the ISO public texts)