Re: Resolution != Naming (was RE: FPIs to URNs)

At 08:32 AM 12/5/96 -0800, Derek Denny-Brown wrote:
>discussion on this topic so far has told me that SGML Open Catalogs provide
>a solution, of sorts, for now.  

I think you are missing David's point. He is explicitly not looking for a
solution. He is looking for the flexibility to implement his own solutions.
If SGML Open Catalogs happen to be the solution that is useful to many
people, then maybe it could be mentioned in the standard, or even required
(as a default solution, not as a "universal solution").

>A better solution to this problem could
>benefit SGML in general, as well as XML.  It might thus be better treated as
>a independent project.

I think that we all agree that we aren't going to solve the global naming
"problem" here. 

As David says, 

"given that the URN group is willing to figure out how to
integrate FPI into URN resolution, that we should encourage and help them
on that (but not worry about specifying or discussing those mechanisms
here, as it's not the right place)."

All I am asking is that I not be tied to a "solution, of sorts, for now."

 Paul Prescod