Re: Resolution != Naming (was RE: FPIs to URNs)

David G. Durand said:
>   The XML standard should specify the option to have a PUBLIC string,
>expain that it is unique, persistent, etc., and how to get a GCA or ISBN
>publisher prefix. It should point out that resolution is application
>dependent, but that applications are suggested to use catalogs (We might
>make a simplified catalog format the does not bother with remapping SYSTEM,
>network resolution, etc, if that makes for 1000's of lines of code), or the
>Internet's URN mechanisms for FPIs (this latter is being worked by the URN
>group, and need not be further specified). We also need to note that other
>resolution mechanisms are also acceptable.
>   That gives an implementor two things to implement if they desire, and a
>browser (or other simple parser) can simply use system IDs, and treat the
>FPI as documentation when reporting the failure, if it does not ignore the
>FPI completely.


discussion on this topic so far has told me that SGML Open Catalogs provide
a solution, of sorts, for now.  A better solution to this problem could
benefit SGML in general, as well as XML.  It might thus be better treated as
a independent project.

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