Re: FPIs to URNs

Ron Daniel <rdaniel@acl.lanl.gov> writes:
>That can be accomodated pretty easily. bigcat.sgmlopen.org (or wherever
>the "root" happens to be) could have a catalog with entries of the form:
>DELEGATE -//U.S. Navy//CALS   http://www.navy.mil/foo/cals_catalog.socat
>DELEGATE -//Sun Microsystems  http://www.sun.com/bar/suncat.socat
>DELEGATE -//DOE//OSTI         http://www.osti.doe.gov/baz/ostifpis.socat
>The root does not have to know ALL FPIs, it would need to know
>of sites that make their catalogs available and the prefix that is
>common to the entries in that catalog.
>The US Navy might well want to split their CALS catalog into smaller
>pieces, so it could have entries of the form
>DELEGATE -//U.S. Navy//CALS//nuts-n-bolts
>         http://www.navy.mil/stores/fasteners/nutscat.socat
>DELEGATE -//U.S. Navy//CALS//paints-n-brushes
>         http://www.navy.mil/stores/preservatives/paints.socat
>Eventually one would stop being delegated to other catalogs and
>would finally bottom out at a PUBLIC entry.

Well, this message beat mine into the hopper by about a minute, so you've
answered most of my questions. I'm a little curious about one thing:

   DELEGATE -//U.S. Navy//CALS   http://www.navy.mil/foo/cals_catalog.socat

Why isn't the second field quoted? Because whitespace is allowed in FPIs,
this seems to be a necessity.


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