Re: Straw-man XML Support for PUBLIC Identifiers and XML Catalogs

At 4:41 AM 12/3/96, Martin Bryan wrote:
>You might want an extra paragraph between these two (or just before them)
>that reads.
>"The public identifier could be a formal public identifier that conforms to
>the rules of ISO/IEC 9070:1987."

This is a very good point. One of my pet-peeves by the way is that
transformation from SGML PI syntax to 9070 format does not commute with
trnasformation in the opposite direction. So that you can follow the rules
in 9070 and generate a different 9070 indentifier by converting to SGML
form, and then back out. If I remember correctly, there are also 8879 SGML
identifiers that will transform in 9070 identifiers that will transform
back into NONSGML 8879 identifiers.

   Perhaps Charles can dig my comment to the ISO editor out of the files
and post it here for the curious.

   By the way, the 9070 syntax is far superior, omitting as it does those
strange SGML syntax qualifiers that make SGML-form FPIs so ugly.

   -- David

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