Re: MIME type for XML

"Christopher R. Maden" <crm@ebt.com> writes:
>I think that application/xml is necessary, too.  All text/* types, I
>believe, are required to have normalized line endings (0x0d0a).  This
>works for 8-bit encodings, but for 16-bit encodings, 0x000d000a
>becomes 0x000d0a000d0a, which isn't quite the same thing...

This sounds like a conflict with the MIME specification and Unicode that
needs to be resolved, rather than hacking a (albeit, working) solution. XML
documents are by nature 'text', so possibly this is something that has been
already brought up in MIME discussions. Anyone? I was going to ask Glenn
Adams, but he *just* left for the night.

I have to agree with Jon that text/x-xml seems logical (ie., the choice
that people would guess).


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