Re: Client-side-resolved Indirection

> Could you clarify here? Do you and Debbie want a simple established
> mechanism for name resolution, or just the option to put in the public
> identifier (which is what I have been pushing for).
XML should not (as SGML did not) establish a resolution mechanism.  I 
just want the ability to assign an unchanging identifier (not a location) 
to a document.  (Also a DTD , DTD fragment, etc. -- but that can wait.)
Does the document also need a URL?  OF course, if it is going over the Web.
But I agree with Paul.  Can't the folks who can't handle a PUBLIC 
identifier just ignore it?

As many others have mentioned, my document may have many URLs, but It 
will have only one PUBLIC name.  What use I make of that is my 
application's business.

Yes?  NO?

--Debbie Lapeyre