Re: Client-side-resolved Indirection

[Ken Holman:]

| In short, is see no benefit difference _to the end user_ between our
| "+//ISBN 1-55160" and Jon's "-//SUN::SUNSOFT" because in both cases
| the end user has the opportunity to implement their client-side
| indirection however they need to without impacting on the (assumed)
| sacrosanct SGML files.
| If this client-side-resolved indirection dereferences PUBLIC values to
| URLs or internet-resolved URN/URIs or absolute filename specifications
| or relative filename specifications or SQL queries or DMS copy-out
| procedures or JCL tape mount directives or even some future
| yet-to-be-determined-or-standardized query mechanism, the SGML files
| remain inviolable.
| Isn't this inviolability critically important to people who want to
| invest in their data for the long term?

My thanks to Ken for making my point better than I was making it.  This
is what I was trying to say.