I have with interset followed the debate "CSS vs. DSSSL-O" and realized
that although I have a fair knowledge of DSSSL-o, the same is not
true of CSS. I will hunt around on the W3C site and see what I can find.

However, it struck me that there may be others in a similar (or opposite)
position, so I believe that it would be helpful if somebody could summarize
the pros and cons of the respective specifications in an objective? or
at least factual manner.

I think the comparison would be helpful in focusing the attention on the
issues that are of primary concern, eg design philosphy instead of syntax.

Finally, I have a feeling that the stylesheet issue should be broadened
to other alternatives, at least initially. In the end "CSS vs. DSSSL-O"
may be appropriate, but it seems a little early to assume so. I have
seen some emails that do discuss other alternatives (Java etc), but I
think more of this is necessary before settling on the stylesheet flavor

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