Re: Formal System Identifiers

At 08:46 AM 12/1/96 GMT, Charles F. Goldfarb wrote:
>>> >I add a new suggestion, that by allowing a _list_ of URIs in the SYSTEM ID,
>>> >we can have all the advantages of PUBLIC, without the drawback of the new
>>> >syntax. (I don't know what this drawback is, but some people obviously feel
>>> >that there is one).]
>>> All you need to do for this is adopt the WG8 Formal System Identifiers
>>> which already allows this and more.
>>[HyTime Annex D] is almost 500 lines. Do you want the whole thing? Isn't that
>>a little bit of overkill if the only thing we avoid is adding PUBLIC to the
>>XML spec?
>We don't need the whole thing, any more than we needed all of 8879. 

We used the "essential" parts of 8879. It doesn't make sense to make
reference to HyTime Annex D if all we want from it is the ability to specify
multiple storage identifiers.

 Paul Prescod